Web Development
  • Custom Designed Solutions by cPro Network
  • Ultra Fast Global Web Hosting and Network
  • Web Solutions for Foreign Enterprise in China
  • eCommerce Solutions Designed to Your Needs

Operating in China?

We specialize in helping Foreign-Owned Enterprise bridge the gap between their efforts in the Chinese market and existing markets around the globe. All websites we build are ultra-fast, scalable and accessible in China.

  • Seamless Multilingual Support

    Auto-detect and display their language in addition to simple one-click language switching.
  • Packing and Shipping Integration

    Automatically sync online orders with fulfillment software and multiple shipping vendors.
  • Multi-Platform Integration

    Sync data between the website and multiple applications or platforms used in the business.
  • Global Content Distribution

    Massively distributed network with over 350 datacenters worldwide including 167 in China.

Automatically Scale Without Headaches

Your website being able to scale and handle huge volumes of traffic is a must-have in China, and when dealing with a large global customer base.

Unlike local regional markets with varied purchasing habits a small spike in customers maybe insignificant to your online infrastructure, but in China a 5% spike could result in your website being inundated with millions of active users.

All websites & apps we build are specially engineered for and deployed to a massively distributed global network that ensures maximum performance no matter how many active users are on your site and ensures the fastest, non-congested network speeds no matter where in the world your customers are.

Looking To Ramp Up eCommerce Efforts?

eCommerce removes the geographical restraints on your business. Without being limited to the local area, your business is presented to a vastly larger audience and far greater business opportunities. The majority of sales are automated with no customer service required, and enables your business to reach new markets.

Our massively distributed software engineering and global network is ideal for eCommerce which require dynamic page processing for every user based on their shopping habits, history, item cart and multiple other data points.

The highly-dynamic nature of eCommerce websites makes it incredibly hard to scale. A massively distributed hardware and software architecture is the only way to truly scale e-commerce sites without compromising on features, dynamic processing or caching.

There are no readily-available eCommerce platforms that do as such because its a very complex issue that needs to be designed specifically to your ecommerce needs and brand.

Modern design with legacy support

Web design for the modern taste and features we’ve all come to expect while continuing support for legacy browsers too.

Interested in our Web Dev services?

With more than 93% of consumers going online first to look for products and services, it’s more important than ever to have an effective website at the forefront of your business.

We build ultra-fast, custom designed websites that provide your business an effective platform to reach new customers, provide automation, and take advantage of online marketing channels.