Application Development

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a term denoting software that facilitates a broad range of activities in the enterprise management, HR, planning, production, distribution and anything else your enterprise requires.

We provide specialized services for design and development of fully-integrated enterprise applications. We have experienced developers and project managers to work with department heads in your organization throughout the planning and design process of the application to suit the requirements and existing procedures of your organization.

Automatically Scales to Suit The Demand

All applications we develop are specifically engineered for and deployed to a massively distributed global network to handle any number of employees, store any amount of data, and process any amount of complex logic.

Web based means no technical headaches for your IT team

Web based applications these days have access to core technologies that were only possible through full fledged desktop software years ago. With core web technologies being capable of programming any functionality your organization needs, we can build web based applications that will run in any web browser, on any device, on any operating system. And offline support is better than ever for those organizations who need employees on the go where internet connections are unavailable.

With a web based application there is no need for your IT department to manage servers, setup special networking, deal with compatibility issues, install the software on staff computers, or any other hassles that come with managing desktop based ERP software.

No more update chaos or running multiple feature versions

Some organizations that are using one-size-fits-all ERP applications for their industry sometimes end up running multiple feature versions of the same software due to features they used in the organization being removed in later versions but some other features they need only being available in the newer versions. Running multiple feature versions of one ERP application can impose technical problems and is faced with an inevitable end-of-life when the old versions are no longer supported by the developers or operating systems it runs on.

Because we built fully-integrated ERP application that are specifically designed for your enterprise, updates include the features you’ve asked for and are designed to your needs. Where you may have had issues in the past with updates that a have thrown everything out of place or had features removed that were needed, this wont happen when you’re using a purpose built ERP for your organization.

What are the benefits of a fully integrated & unified enterprise application?

With everything unified into one fully-integrated ERP application, your enterprise can benefit from realtime validation, on-demand auditing, automatic workflow prioritization and more that would otherwise be impossible in a fragmented multi-application solution.

  • Realtime auditing at an organization wide or individual employee scope.

    With everything unified into one application, we can build more complex validation and auditing thats specific to your organizations procedures of every department or employees role. Running automatically in the background and watching over everything everybody’s doing to catch issues as they happen. Users can see realtime validation of data entry as they are completing tasks and supervisors can get notifications of inconsistencies raised by the system.
  • Automatic workflow prioritization on an individual or departmental level.

    Prevent holding up production or downtime stemming from one department waiting on another. Automatically prioritize individual employees or whole departments to the right task at the right time to keep the whole organization working efficiently.
  • Tighten control and enforce compliance of the procedures in your organization.

    With fully integrated ERP applications being intertwined throughout the organization and individual employees workflow, procedures can be consistently enforced, requiring employees to comply or be unable to complete their work, this avoids negligence and helps honest human error be corrected right away. Consistent negligence and mistakes can tagged and raised in audits that are specifically designed to the individual roles in the organization.

One unified application for conducting all your business needs

Enable all departments and aspects of your enterprise to work together under a single integrated and unified application has huge advantages over any paper-based or multiple software solution thats currently being used in the organization, but how do you transition to the new system after development is completed?

Transition is one of the most difficult parts, as with most fully-integrated ERP applications the system works together as a whole with data flowing into all different aspects of the application coming from actual employees using the application in different departments and roles so staging each departments onto the app at different times can sometimes not be possible.

A multi-tiered approach is required in transitioning the organization over to the new system in a way that works for both the applications data flow requirements and your organizations operational flexibility. The transition plan is never the same as every organizations purpose built application is different so lots of preparation and planning is required for a smooth transition.

What are the issues with a multiple software solution?

Having multiple ERP software used in the enterprise for required activities can present significant challenges:

Our base of operations is in the Hi-Tech Industrial district of Chengdu, China but we offer phone & email points of contact for Australia. We are willing to send a representative to anywhere in China for any serious projects, elsewhere on a case-by-case basis.